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Vitamin infusions

Beauty and health are our focus. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements are essential for humans. Not only for general well-being and immune defense, but also for skin, hair and connective tissue.

What happens during infusion therapy?

Many people suffer from vitamin deficiency, but some are unaware of it. The consequences can be very diverse and manifest themselves in listlessness, fatigue or an increased susceptibility to infections. It can also be detrimental to the external appearance. For example, the skin can appear pale, dark circles can appear and premature aging accelerates.

Don’t let it get to that point. With our infusion therapies, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements that the body can produce too little or not at all itself are injected directly into the vein, where they can immediately develop their full effect. Vitamin C and B are particularly significant in this context. Before treatment, we will gladly prepare a detailed vitamin and mineral analysis for you. It is very important to determine precisely in which area a specific deficiency exists by means of a medical history or, if desired, a blood test. The best way to do this is to carry out a blood test beforehand. Based on this, we can, in addition to our standard infusions, also put together a so-called “tailor-made” infusion especially for you.

At a glance

Intravenous infusion
30 to 50 min
from 150 Euro
1-2 (scale 1-10)
After several sessions (depending on individual conditions and wishes)

Vitamin infusions, a luxury that offers many benefits

This trend is also in great demand among celebrities and in wellness circles. In contrast to tablets or capsules, intravenous infusions offer the advantage that they enter the bloodstream immediately and can develop their full effect there.

Intravenous infusion has a number of advantages over taking capsules or tablets:

  • Direct with maximum effect: The vitamins enter the bloodstream directly and the effect is thus significantly more intense and faster. Significantly more vitamins can be absorbed and the effect lasts longer.
  • Vitalization and increased performance: The infusion also has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system. Stress and inner tension can be significantly reduced. In addition to vitality, physical and cognitive performance also increases.
  • Cell protection and regeneration: Infusion therapy makes an important contribution to effective cell protection and comprehensive regeneration. The results are seen in a higher energy level, better stress resistance and a noticeably improved skin appearance.
  • Anti-aging effect: wrinkles are reduced and the skin looks younger and more vital. The collagen fibers are strengthened by vitamin infusion.
  • Strong hair: Overall, it can be determined that not only the skin, but also the hair is optimally supplied. Strengthening and invigoration occur directly from the hair roots.
  • Acid-base balance: Hyperacidity of the body is no longer a rarity these days. Affected persons feel tired and listless and also the metabolism can slow down. Our vitamin infusions ensure a quick and sustainable restoration of the internal balance
  • No overdose possible: Water-soluble vitamins are used, which cannot be produced by the body itself. If part of the supplied vitamins are not needed, the body simply excretes them again. An overdose is impossible.
  • Combinability with other treatments: We are happy to combine the sessions, upon request, with other treatments in our institute, so that we can use your time as efficiently as possible.

We currently offer the following infusion types

Immune Booster

For all those who suffer from frequent infections, or often do not feel 100% fit. Also as a prophylaxis in the cold season to prevent diseases.

Beauty from Inside

Collagen booster for radiant, firmed and fresher skin. Also improves the structure of nails and hair.

Perfect Hair

Hair loss in ladies is counteracted. The hair becomes supple and split ends are reduced due to optimal care.

Pure Energy

To combat fatigue, fatigue or lack of energy. Optimal for those with a stressful everyday life.

Chronic Pain Relief

For anyone with neck tension, joint pain or spinal problems. Reduction of pain medication through vitamins and trace elements.

IV Tailor-Made

Vitamins, trace elements and amino acids – Perfectly matched to your individual needs or your laboratory results.

Online Appointment

Secure your desired date now and let us fulfill your requirements. The easiest way is to book directly online, but you are also welcome to do so by phone.


Why is infusion therapy useful?

Here, the vitamins are transported directly into the bloodstream and are immediately available to the body. Unlike when taking dragées or powder, where the vitamins must first pass through the gastrointestinal tract, where a large part of the effect (up to 90%) is lost.

Why are vitamins C and B so important for the body?

Both are vitamins that the body urgently needs but cannot produce itself. It is dependent on being supplied with them. Vitamin B is important for the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Vitamin C is important for the immune system, among other things.

Why is it not enough to supply vitamins with food?

Theoretically, a sufficient supply of vitamins via food would be conceivable, but practically it is very difficult to implement. Experts assume that about 4 to 5 servings of fruit are required per day to ensure a sufficient supply. In today’s stressful times, this can only be implemented in the rarest of cases.

How does vitamin C affect the skin and hair?

It is involved in detoxification, purification and cell renewal of the body. The complexion is firmer and more vital. The hair is optimally nourished from its root.

What is the effect of vitamin C deficiency?

Many people are tired, listless, stressed and unable to work under pressure. The immune system can also be impaired, which is noticeable, among other things, through an increased susceptibility to infections. The effects are also noticeable in the appearance of the skin.

Which B vitamins are particularly important for vitality and performance?

Vitamin B6 and B12 have a special significance in this context. Folic acid is also an important vitamin B. Vitamin B12 is very important for people on a vegan diet, as it can only be absorbed via animal products and is therefore often deficient.

Can several vitamins or minerals be combined in an infusion therapy?

Yes, we always combine a variety of different active ingredients in our infusions.

Why does vitamin C have a rejuvenating effect on the skin?

Thanks to vitamin C, the cells in the body can regenerate better. The result is a slowing down of the aging process. The skin looks younger and fresher overall.

Can an infusion of vitamin C help with weight loss?

Yes. On the one hand, vitamin C boosts the metabolism, on the other hand, it helps to balance the acid-base balance. This, in turn, certainly affects the burning of fat. The better both work, the faster weight loss successes are achieved.

How long does an infusion session last?

The treatment takes about 30 to 50 minutes. In most cases, not only one, but a therapy consisting of several infusions is useful to achieve an optimal result.

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