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Wrinkle treatment with filler and muscle relaxant

Youthful, smooth skin thanks to facial fillers and minimally invasive treatments! The possibilities are countless and the effect is unique. Experience the effect of safe and effective injections.

This is what treatment with fillers and muscle relaxants does

Fillers are among the best-known treatments in aesthetic medicine for effectively combating wrinkles and sculpting deeper areas. Hyaluronic acid is used here, a substance that the body recognizes as such and with which it can work very well. It is used to smooth wrinkles and support facial modeling in areas where the skin and underlying tissue have already lost substance and volume.

A treatment with a muscle relaxant provides youthful skin, without visible traces. Using a very fine needle, small amounts of a nerve toxin are injected into the muscle in question. This is one of the safest substances for lasting skin smoothing. The effect sets in after about a week and results in a fresher appearance.

Everything at a glance

Injection with syringe
15 minutes
Filler from 350 Euro, muscle relaxant from 250 Euro
None, occasionally 2-4 days
2-4 (scale from 1-10)
full effect after 2 weeks

Advantages of this method to reduce signs of the aging process

Filler and muscle relaxant treatments are among the most popular aesthetic procedures and are performed exclusively by specialists at our clinic. Before the procedure, you will receive an individual consultation with our qualified professionals to choose the right treatment option based on your personal needs and goals.

What you can expect:

  • Versatile application: Typical applications include:
    • Filler: nasolabial fold (nose lip furrow), lip wrinkles, marionette wrinkle (mouth corner wrinkle), sagging cheeks and others.
    • Muscle relaxant: forehead wrinkles, frown lines, eye wrinkles, etc.
  • Long-lasting results: The filling effect lasts from six months to over a year. The effect of the muscle relaxant lasts from three to six months. Regular treatments are important to refresh the degraded material and achieve long-lasting results
  • Quick and easy application: Both filler and muscle relaxant treatments are minimally invasive procedures that can usually be performed quickly.
  • Wrinkle reduction: The appearance of fine lines, to deep facial furrows is significantly reduced with the help of fillers. Excessive movement of the muscles responsible for the formation of such wrinkles is restricted by the use of muscle relaxants.
  • Prevention of wrinkles: early application can help delay the formation of deep wrinkles.
  • Safe and effective: both treatment methods offer the possibility of aesthetic improvements, without the need for surgery.

Online Appointment

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What types of fillers are there?

Currently there are 4 main groups of fillers, we work exclusively with hyaluronic acid fillers.

What is a filler treatment?

It is a procedure in which filler material is injected under the skin. Pointed or blunt cannulas (magic needle) are available for this purpose.

Is the treatment with muscle relaxant dangerous?

The amount used is many times below the range of harm. There are no known long-term side effects.

Which is better, filler or treatment with a muscle relaxant?

Muscle relaxant is mainly used for the upper mimic half of the face to reduce muscle activity that leads to wrinkles. Filler is used for the lower half of the face to counteract the age-related reduced collagen build-up. There is also a difference in the duration of action. The effect of muscle relaxant lasts up to 6 months, while the results of filler treatment can often be visible for more than a year.

Is the treatment painful?

The injection needles used are extremely thin, so there is hardly any pain. Local anesthesia can also be used if necessary.

Are there any side effects?

In very rare cases, temporary hematomas, swelling, redness, itching and slight burning of the treated areas may occur.

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