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No more need to shave constantly and permanently silky soft skin? With the latest laser equipment almost painless to a lasting result.

What can laser hair removal?

Who hasn’t experienced it? Annoying pimples, irritated skin and ingrown hairs are annoyances that often accompany shaving. The next hair growth is usually not long in coming, often you can feel new hairs or stubble the very next day. We want to put an end to this tedious, mostly daily routine of men and women.

With our ultra-modern lasers, we reach the hair roots, which are gently heated and thus destroyed. Thanks to the latest technology, simultaneous cooling of the affected areas is possible, which ensures a comfortable and painless treatment. We use three different laser systems depending on the skin type, so we can also treat very dark skin types and difficult hair types and areas very well.

At a glance

Laser (diode laser or Alexandrite/Nd:YAG laser)
from 15 minutes (depending on the treated area)
from 50 Euro, see calculator
1-4 (scale 1-10) depending on the region
From the 2nd treatment, long-lasting after 4 to 12. Treatments depending on region, skin type and hair color.

The advantages of laser hair removal and how it works

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular and common methods to stop hair growth. The melanin in the hair absorbs the light and converts it into heat, this damages the hair follicles and prevents new hair from growing back. Since we use different types of laser energy, regardless of skin color or hair texture, everyone can benefit from the advantages of our laser technology.

What you can expect:

  • Long-term results: Unlike traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving or epilating, laser hair removal offers long-term results that can last for years and decades, depending on the person and hair type.
  • Low-pain treatment: Laser hair removal is relatively painless compared to other methods, such as waxing or epilation. In addition, you have the possibility to get a numbing cream or to cool the affected areas before, during and after the procedure, which effectively counteracts the pain.
  • Precision: The laser delivers its energy only to the dye in the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin.
  • Versatility: Laser hair removal can be performed on almost all parts of the body, including the face, legs, arms, back, chest, abdomen, bikini line and underarms.
  • Also for difficult zones: Having the intimate area lasered is a challenge for some lasers because the hair roots in the intimate area are located deeper in the skin. If necessary, we use a special laser that can also reach these hair roots. You can also have annoying hairs in the intimate area removed by laser quickly and efficiently with us.
  • No ingrown hairs: laser hair removal reduces the number of hairs with each treatment. As a result, fewer and fewer hairs will grow in. Any inflammation and scars are thus reduced until they disappear completely.
  • Time saving: Hair removal with the laser offers a long-term solution. You no longer have to waste time shaving or waxing.
  • Hair removal nearby: With our two locations, one in the Cottageviertel in the 18th district, the second in Mariahilfer Straße in the 6th district, we offer excellent accessibility for all our patients.

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How does laser hair removal work?

The laser energy penetrates the skin without damaging the surrounding tissue. This energy is absorbed by the melanin of the hair root, which destroys the structure of the hair root. The hair falls out and the number of hairs decreases after each session.

How many sessions are needed for hair removal with laser?

The number of treatments depends very much on the skin type, hair structure, hair color and body region. The darker the hair and the lighter the skin, the better the effect of the laser, as greater energy can be used. As a guideline, usually give 4 to 12 sessions depending on the body region.

At what interval do the treatments need to be done?

Our hair goes through several phases as it grows. The laser destroys only the hair roots that are currently in the growth phase. In the case of a lower leg, this is approximately 10-20% of the hair. Therefore, depending on the area of the body, there should be 4-8 weeks between each session.

What should be observed before or after the treatment?

No intensive sunbathing – the lighter the skin, the more efficiently the laser acts on the target chromophore (the melanin in the hair root). No plucking, waxing, hair bleaching for 14 days before the treatment so that the laser can act directly on the hair root. The hair does not have to be visible – the remaining hair directs the laser light to the root. The day before the treatment you can take a photo of the affected area and then shave. If possible, do not apply deodorant, makeup, etc.

A clear contraindication are drugs that cause photosensitivity, such as antibiotics. Please do not sunbathe after treatment, otherwise pigment shifts may occur (additional pigments are formed). After treatment, please always apply a strong sunscreen (SPF 50+) and completely avoid direct UV light if possible.

Is laser hair removal painful?

The individual perception of pain depends on many factors: Color and thickness of hair, age, gender, ethnicity, hormonal status, pregnancy, medications, treatment zone, etc. The pain is felt as a slight tingling to a fine prick. Our latest generation laser systems have a very sophisticated cooling system integrated (either contact cooling in the case of diode laser or cryo-cooling in the case of alexandrite/Nd:YAG laser), which greatly reduces any pain.

Are there hair and skin types that cannot be treated?

In principle, it can be said that the lighter the hair, the less melanin there is in the hair root, the less effective the laser. The basic requirement is therefore that there is still pigment in the hair roots so that the laser can work. The darker the skin type, the more carefully (less energy) must be worked to avoid burns on the skin surface. Blond, red, white hair is in principle difficult to laser, but especially there our alexandrite/Nd:YAG has often proven itself.

Is there a difference in the equipment and why should I choose this institute even if the prices are higher than other establishments?

We have been engaged in laser hair removal for 15 years and have already tested many devices. Laser technology has developed greatly in recent years and is now very mature. There are some renowned manufacturers who build very good devices for ordinations. These devices are priced in a much higher category than devices that are often used in the cosmetic field and do not have medical approval. The devices in the cosmetic field often have a much weaker power output and in terms of safety they do not meet the strict requirements as the devices with medical approval. We have many patients who have come to us after multiple unsuccessful treatments in other institutes or even with burns and who were then very positively surprised by the significantly better result of our devices.

Is laser hair removal more expensive than shaving?

It depends on the period over which you consider the two methods and how often you shave. According to our calculation, laser hair removal is much cheaper: for 50 years (from 15 to 65 years) you shave 300 days a year, blade replacement every 3 days, so a total of 100 blades per year at 3 euros each, gives 300 euros per year for razor blades. 300 times 50 years gives 15,000 euros in costs for razor blades (not including shaving cream and your time, not discounted).

Can I also have the intimate area lasered?

Even zones that were previously considered rather problematic or less effective can be treated with our lasers without any problems. The intimate area is often included in this category, although many women and men would like to have silky smooth skin here as well. Especially because ingrown hairs are very often a problem in the intimate area.

How "permanent" is this type of hair removal?

Very durable! Over the years, a maximum of 10-20% of the hair roots regenerate, i.e. only after a few years must be reworked. We recently had a patient whom we treated with a 1st generation laser 15 years ago, who has only now come back for “re-lasing”. Even the lasers with medical approval at that time were very efficient, but much more painful.

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