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Purify your Skin – Beauty without surgery with minimally invasive anti-aging methods thanks to our “Triple Beauty” & “Double Beauty” treatments.


TriBella – „Triple Beauty“

The Award-Winning, All-in-One, Anti-Aging Treatment in 3 Steps.

Three treatments combined in one – that’s what our Tribella Treatment stands for. This combination treatment is characterized by a threefold fight against signs of aging. On the one hand, color irregularities in the skin’s appearance caused by pigment spots or dilated veins are reduced thanks to IPL technology. Secondly, by heating the lower layers of the skin, multipolar radio frequency provides sensational tightening and firming by building up new collagen. Last but not least, skin texture is improved by creating micro-wounds in the epidermis using fractional radiofrequency, an electric and more efficient version of classic needling.

DuoBella – „Double Beauty“

Our own creation – ideal for people who want to treat superficial wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness and pigmentation at the same time. This combination therapy of IPL and fractional radiofrequency is a modified version of TriBella treatment, especially suitable for patients who want to efficiently eliminate all the problem areas of the superficial skin in one combined treatment. Particularly suitable for patients who have recently had a filler treatment, as this treatment combines especially well with Facial Fillers.

The individual treatment steps can, depending on the skin condition, of course also be booked individually.

We will be happy to advise you on which variant (or which part of the treatment) is best for you.

At a glance

IPL / multipolar radiofrequency/ fractional Radiofrequency
1.5 hours
TriBella 600 Euro, DuoBella 480 Euro
3 days at least (depending on the skin's regenerative capacity of the skin)
3-5 (scale from 1-10)
after the 1st treatment

One treatment, three techniques and many more benefits

Incredible skin appearance improvement with skin tightening and skin firming, are combined in a single comprehensive combination therapy. Thanks to this innovation, the first results will not be long in coming.

What you can expect:

  • Even complexion: Both pigmentation spots and redness are efficiently reduced thanks to state-of-the-art IPL technology. Intense pulsed light of several wavelengths is absorbed by the skin and converted into heat. The high energy destroys excess melanin, sclerosing veins and slowly breaking them down.
  • Extreme effectiveness: These combination therapies are very effective in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores to the same extent as pigmentation and redness. They also refine skin texture, increases cell regeneration and improves tissue firmness.
  • Versatility: All “Triple Beauty” and “Double Beauty” treatment technologies can be performed on different areas of the body such as the face, neck and décolleté.
  • Customizability: Depending on skin problems and skin type, the parameters can be set and adjusted individually.
  • Increased skin firmness: Another effect of this procedure is the stimulation of collagen & elastin production. These are the main proteins in the skin responsible for its firmness and elasticity.
  • Quick results: a good result is already visible after the first treatment
  • Long-lasting results: With regular repetition and appropriate cream settings, the results of the “Triple Beauty” treatment can be sustained for years.
  • Revitalization: The skin always appears as healthy as its cells are. The new production of skin cells is massively increased in this combination therapy of fractional radiofrequency with photorejuventation. The result is a healthy, younger-looking complexion.

Online Appointment

Secure your desired date now and let us fulfill your requirements. The easiest way is to book directly online, but you are also welcome to do so by phone.


How often should the TriBella / DuoBella treatment be performed?

Best results are achieved after 2 to 3 repetitions at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.

Are these treatments also offered in summer?

It is recommended to avoid this treatment during the summer months, especially in high temperatures and strong sunlight. This is because after the treatment the skin may be more sensitive to sunlight, which increases the risk of damage from UV rays.

How does fractional radiofrequency work?

Fractional radiofrequency works by using electromagnetic waves in a specific frequency range. A special probe is placed on the skin, which creates controlled micro-injuries in the skin. This activates the self-healing power of the skin.

What happens during multipolar radiofrequency?

Energy penetrates several millimeters into the skin and heats the dermis up to 45°C. An infrared thermometer controls the heating of the skin. The body’s own regeneration processes are set in motion.

Is the TriBella treatment painful?

Three very effective methods are used here, in which energy is delivered to the skin. Depending on sensitivity, the patient sometimes feels this treatment more strongly, sometimes more weakly. In any case, we therefore apply an anesthetic cream to make our patients as comfortable as possible.

What side effects may occur?

Most often, the skin is red and sensitive immediately after treatment. In the first few days, swelling and flaking of the skin may occur. With the right home care, you can counteract these side effects or shorten the downtime.

How long does the treatment last?

One and a half hours in any case. If an anesthetic cream is to be applied at the beginning, the treatment time increases up to two hours, as the cream should act for at least half an hour.

Is the treatment suitable for everyone?

The treatment is not recommended in case of skin diseases or taking medications that make the skin sensitive to light. Also, the treatment should not be performed on tanned skin or generally on very dark skin types.

How to behave after a TriBella / DuoBella treatment?

Avoid the sun for the first week after treatment. A suitable sunscreen with SPF 50+ is indispensable. In addition, in the first three days, sports and unnecessary sweating should be avoided.

What skin care do you recommend after this treatment?

Mild, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing products are especially good for the skin after IPL treatment. To achieve even faster results, we offer special serums and creams against redness

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