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Peel Your Skin – instant effect guaranteed, thanks to patented JetPeel technology.

What can Jetpeel technology do?

Deep cleanse, exfoliate, infiltrate!

In this peeling method, a special water-gas mixture is shot at 720km/h, completely painless, onto the skin through microscopic nozzles. The result is a beautiful, lasting peeling effect and stimulated blood circulation. With this non-invasive method, the epidermis is sustainably supplied with oxygen. Active ingredients, such as vitamins and hyaluronic acid, are infiltrated deeper than usual into the dermis, thus providing the skin with all-round care.

Choose from three variants. There is something for everyone!
JetPeel variants

  1. Basic Peel: cleansing, one active ingredient ampoule, mask, final care
  2. Super Peel + Anti-Age: cleansing, two anti-aging serums, mask, finishing care
  3. Power Peel + Needling: Cleansing, Hyaluron & Vitamins, Needling, Mask, Final Care

At a glance

JetPeel technology, "needle-free needling"
45-60 min
Basic 160 Euro / Super 210 Euro / Power 260 Euro
0-1 (scale from 1-10)
immediate, long-lasting effect after at least 4 treatments


The main principle in this technology is based on a non-invasive procedure that gently and gently cleanses, exfoliates and delivers special active ingredients to the skin. What distinguishes the JetPeel method from other treatments is a thorough deep cleansing of the skin while at the same time improving blood circulation.

What you can expect:

  • Deep cleansing with detox water: pores have never been cleaner than after treatment with JetPeel technology.
  • Optimal supply: After the skin has been prepared for the absorption of active ingredients, the same technology is used to introduce active ingredients, vitamins anti-aging serums or even hyaluronic acid. The choice of active ingredients depends on the client’s skin condition and the chosen option. The JetPeel technology enables an effect depth of up to 4 mm in the dermis.
  • Spa experience: After this stimulating procedure, the skin gets a time-out. A nourishing and at the same time soothing mask does its part. The dermis comes to rest, but works simultaneously with the active ingredients that are already in all layers of the skin at this point.
  • Anti-aging: The Super Peel variant is perfect when the focus is on reducing signs of aging. Two special anti-aging serums are worked into the skin using JetPeelTM technology. This allows us to achieve an effect depth of up to 4mm in the dermis.
  • Maximum stimulation with microneedling: we get the maximum out of it. The skin cells are already working at full speed, but more is possible. Microneedling causes micro-wounds, which activates the self-healing power of the skin. There is a double supply of active ingredients, in addition to the regeneration of tissue cells. The result is a younger appearance.

Online Appointment

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What does the JetPeel do?

A water-gas mixture is blasted onto the skin from microscopic nozzles and removes dead skin cells. The skin is gently massaged and deeply cleansed, while blood circulation is stimulated and lymphatic drainage is induced at the same time.

What is JetPeel technology?

JetPeel technology has its origin in aviation (jet). With this method you can reach a depth of up to 4mm during the treatment, far deeper than comparable treatments, without having to use needles.

How often should you do this treatment?

Best results are achieved after several repetitions, at least 4x in total, but gladly 2x per month. As a maintenance therapy we recommend 1x per quarter.

For whom is treatment with JetPeel technology most suitable?

The age does not matter here. This treatment is suitable for any skin type. Also for old acne scars or coarse-pored skin. Also for wrinkles for mature skin and to prevent the aging process. Do you want your skin to glow beautifully in the evening? Then do a JetPeel treatment with Detox and Hyaluron on the same day!

What time of year is best for this treatment?

JetPeel can be used all year round. During the cold season, when there is often dryness and lack of nutrients in the skin, it provides the skin with everything it needs. When it gets warm, this method provides the necessary refreshment.

What to look for in the summer?

As after any treatment, it is important to use the right sun protection. It is best to use sun protection factor 50+. Especially after the power peel + needling variant, you should avoid direct sunlight for the first week.

Which active ingredients can be introduced with JetPeel technology?

Depending on the variant, one to three active ingredients are introduced. We decide this depending on your skin condition. Available are vitamin C / B5 / A+E / or hyaluronic acid.

Can side effects occur?

The side effects of JetPeel treatment are usually very minor. However, slight redness and swelling of the treated skin areas may occur in isolated cases. These usually disappear within a few hours.

Why combine JetPeel and needling?

This combination is an effective treatment method to revitalize and strengthen the skin. The JetPeel jet cleanses and moisturizes, while the needling stimulates collagen production and activates the skin’s ability to heal itself. Through the smallest wounds of microneedling, the effect of JetPeel can penetrate even more intensively into the skin and have maximum effect.

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