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Glow Facial

You have little time, but still want the best result for your skin? Then you are in the right place!

What can the Glow Facial do?

Revitalize, stimulate, nourish!

Our skin is exposed to permanent attacks by internal and external factors, which weaken it and make it look tired over time. In order to be able to protect itself from these in the best possible way and in the long term, it must be optimally cared for and stimulated right down to the deepest layers. There is hardly any other method that achieves this as specifically and quickly as our microneedling. The finest needles gently penetrate the skin and cause microscopically small injuries. In addition, a cocktail of selected acids and antioxidants is applied to the skin during this treatment to promote our skin’s ability to heal itself. Thanks to this “wake-up call”, the skin works at full speed to repair the “damage”, producing new collagen and new skin cells. Another positive effect of this treatment is that it raises the receptivity for daily skin care at home.

At a glance

Microneedling with acid peeling
30 min
200 Euro
0-2 (scale 1-10)
immediately, increases within a week


This procedure provides your skin with everything it needs in the shortest possible time and lets it work for weeks without downtime. You get the best result with little time.

What you can expect:

  • Anti-aging: The regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers is guaranteed here, making the skin look fresher and younger.
  • Improved absorption of active ingredients: Thanks to the micro-wounds created, active ingredients can reach even the cells in the deeper layers of the skin and exert their effect there.
  • Optimal care: Whatever the skin lacks, after the Glow Facial it is saturated to the last layer. Whether moisture, vitamins or nutrients, with our highly effective products we cover all needs.
  • Strong protection: The repair ability of the skin is boosted. This strengthens the skin barrier on the surface, which is the skin’s natural protective film. Pollutants can thus penetrate the skin more difficult, while important ingredients are stored more easily.
  • Evenness meets evenness: The lifted reproduction of new cells supports several processes. Pores are refined, scar tissue is repaired and pigmentation spots are lightened. The result is an even skin texture and tone.
  • Maximum result, minimum time: the magic happens within half an hour. Ideal for those who can not or do not want to invest a lot of time. You are ready for salon immediately afterwards, so you can go back to your daily business.

Online Appointment

Secure your desired date now and let us fulfill your requirements. The easiest way is to book directly online, but you are also welcome to do so by phone.


What is it good for?

Microneedling uses the skin’s natural ability to regenerate. It boosts cells to produce collagen, which improves skin health.

What is the effect of microneedling on the face?

The finest needles pierce the top layer of skin and cause microscopic wounds. The skin reacts to this with its self-healing mechanism, in which it produces skin cells, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

How often can this treatment be performed?

This depends on the length of the needle used. Since the Glow Facial should not cause any downtime for our customers, we work here with the minimum needle length. Therefore, the treatment can be performed once a month.

How long does the result last?

The great advantage of microneedling is that you can feel and see the effect immediately and it increases within the first week. The cells continue to work even days after the treatment. For long-lasting results, we recommend the Glow Facial once a month or whenever your skin feels tired or undersupplied.

What complications can occur with microneedling?

With us, of course, you are dealing with perfectly trained professionals, which makes this method very low in side effects. Incorrect handling can lead to infections and inflammations.

When not to do microneedling?

Microneedling should not be used on people suffering from severe skin diseases. Acne, rosacea, open wounds, sunburn, diabetes and immunodeficiency are also among the contraindications.

How to behave after microneedling?

Immediately after application, the skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight. A 50+ sunscreen is essential to prevent skin damage. Anything that soothes and cools may be applied. Heavy sweating, sauna and steam bath should also be avoided on the first day.

What do dermatologists say regarding microneedling?

Dermatologists describe microneedling as an effective treatment for many skin problems. It can help increase collagen production, reduce pores, smooth acne scars, provide an overall improvement in skin texture, and also tighten the skin with repeated sessions.

Is one red after the Glow Facial?

The goal is to create a natural glow. Of course, every skin reacts a little differently, someone who quickly becomes red, could react accordingly stronger. Within the first 24 hours, the skin usually calms down again.

How painful is microneedling?

In the Glow Facial, we usually work on the lowest pain scale. We work here with low penetration depths. Here, too, you have to take into account the individual pain sensitivity of each person. Experience has shown that some zones (temples) are more sensitive than others (cheek).

Is it allowed to go out in the sun after this treatment?

We recommend avoiding direct sunlight for one week, despite strong sun protection.

Can microneedling be done alone at home?

In fact, nowadays you can undergo microneedling at home. For safety reasons, these needles are much shorter and have a correspondingly lower penetration depth.

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