Wrinkle treatment with Fillers

With filler you can further sculpt selected areas of the face.

Fillers are one the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine, they are effective against fighting wrinkles and preventing their reformation.

Filler (hyaluronic acid) is also used for its wrinkle-smoothing effects and helps to sculpt the face in the areas where the underlaying tissues have thinned and have lost mass and volume. Typical areas of application are the nasal skin folds, lip area, corners of the mouth and laughter lines. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally substance in the body and is used to fill out the wrinkles and has no side effects. The filler ‘effect’ lasts for 6-12 months. It is therefore recommended that regular ‘fresh-ups’ are scheduled to achieve a long-term effect.

Key facts


Filler injection

Length of treatment:

from 15 minutes


From € 350

Associated downtime

none – possibly 2-4 days


2-4 (Scale 1-10)


Full effect visible after 2 weeks
Book an initial consultation with Dr. Bergmann-Caucig when the procedures will be fully explained, followed by the treatment
How quickly will my skin recover after a treatment?
Very quickly – immediately after the treatment. The puncture wounds usually disappear 1-2 days latest. In rare cases, the skin might show slight buckling for a couple of days afterwards.