TriBella™ – „Triple Beauty“

A fantastic ‘all-in-one’ combination therapy which optimizes the skin’s tone and firmness.

You have an imbalanced complexion (changes in skin colour) and are also bothered by wrinkles and sallow, droopy skin?

Individual treatments which conquer these symptoms cost a lot of time and money. In order to achieve the best results, we are offering 3 treatments in one: TriBella™ – the superstar treatment!

IPL: The treatment with the sophisticated IPL System improves the appearance of capillary damage and pigmented lesions, hyperpigmentation, melasmas, birthmarks, haemangiomas, telangiectasias, vein and capillary malformations and much more.

During the treatment, pigment spots are removed using IPL and intensive pulsed light. The intense pulsed light is absorbed by the melanin in the skin and converted into heat. The pigment-rich cell structures of the aging spots are destroyed due to the high temperatures. Only the pigmentation spots are targeted. A good result can be seen after the second treatment.

Multi polar radio frequency: The non-invasive multi-polar system uses radio frequency to optimize and firm-up sagging and hanging skin – without impacting the surrounding connective tissue. The treatment firms in particular slack skin in the cheek area. Jowls and the neck can also be treated to produce a younger, fresher appearance with more well-defined contours.

Fractionated radio frequency: This non-invasive system uses radio frequency to improve the complexion by improving irregular skin texture and other signs of skin damage without impacting the surrounding connective tissue. This technique is the latest in its generation of new and innovative skin surface regeneration techniques. It integrates other treatments which work highly effectively for all skin types and necessitate a minimal downtime.

Excellent results can be seen after 2-3 treatments.

Key facts


IPL / Mulitpolar Radio frequency / Fractionated Radio frequency


1,5 – 2 hours


580 €


from 3 days (depending on the ability of the skin to regenerate)


3-5 (Scale from 1-10)


Visible after the first treatment
Book an appointment for a consultation for a skin analysis and a disucssion of your skincare program, followed by a treatment.
When is a IPL/RF combination therapy recommended?
We recommend the treatment for imbalances skin with dull and droopy sections.
Can one do this treatment in the summer?
Since this treatment makes the skin light sensitive it cannot be done in the summer.
How regularly can this treatment be done?
This treatment can be carried out every 3 weeks. It is recommended that 2-3 treatments are carried out after eachother.