Treatment procedures and guidelines

Using our skin analysis device, we determine the right skincare and appropriate treatment for your skin.

A clear complexion: clear, fine pores and a rosy glow to your skin. What is the secret of beautiful skin? Is my skincare right for my skin? With our skin analysis device, we can determine the current state of your skin and from that develop the perfect skin care and treatment program which will best match your skin.
In the first consultation, after taking your medical history we conduct an in-depth analysis of your skin using a professional skin diagnostic device. This allows us to identify any underlaying or invisible skin damage. On this basis, we will recommend skin care and a treatment program which corresponds to your skin‘s requirements. Through the use of medical cosmetics, our aim is to help you overcome skin problems, take preventative measures and improve and maintain the health and beauty of your skin.







€50 (free of charge when booking a treatment or with a voucher)
A professional skin analysis is an important part of our overall approach to medical cosmetics. By using this as a platform, we can create a professional and long-term approach to treating you and ensure that we develop a skincare program which is tailored to your requirements. We look forward to consulting you.
From which age is a skin analysis recommended?
A skin analysis can be undertaken from the age of 16 years.
Can a skin analysis be undertaken if the skin is tanned?
Yes, our skin analysis device is able to analyse tanned skin too.
Can the skin analysis identify skin disease?
No, the skin analysis does not subsitute a yearly check-up at the dermatologists. However, it may be possible to identify certain abnormalities earlier than usual, such as, Rosacea or Melasma.
Is the skin analysis appropriate for men as well as women?
Yes, of course. However, the structure of men’s skin is different. However, healthy and good looking skin is important for men too!