Spider veins

Flawless skin by the removal of unsightly spider veins.
Do you often wear skirts and like to show your legs? Have you lately developed unsightly spider veins? If so, they can be removed with the appropriate procedure.
Spider veins are red or blue veins which have become diffuse under the skin, in particular on the legs. Depending on the case, 1-3 treatments are generally necessary, with a 4-weekly interval between sessions.


The treatment

Sclerotherapy involves an injection of a solution, Aethoxysklerol, (the sclerosing agent) into the veins which enters the blood vessels. Pain relief is not necessary since the treatment is virtually pain free. Afterwards, it is necessary for wear compression socks / tights for up to two weeks after the treatment. After 2-4 weeks a check-up appointment is necessary, any follow-up treatment is carried out.


Side effects

In certain cases, there are temporary reactions such as the reddening and irritation of the skin, swelling and itching. There may be some pigmen discoloration or small crusts. These risks and possible issues are discussed in full in the preliminary consultation.

Key facts




from 15 min


From € 150, depending on treatment area




1-3 (Scale from 1-10)


after 14 days
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Are spider veins very common?
Yes, very much so. Approximately 60% of all adults suffer from spider veins or formations of fine varicose veins.
Do spider veins reoccur?
No – not with a professional treatment, spider veins can be eliminated and the damaged veins are broken down over time by the body. However, new spider veins could build up and occur elsewhere.
Can spider veins cause any medical issues?
Yes, they can induce stabbing pain, swelling of legs and itching. In rare, cases they can cause inflammation.