Skin renewal with fractionated radio frequency

Smooth and firm skin through the use of fractionated radio frequency
Do you suffer from the slackening skin or do you have deep wrinkles or superficial wrinkles, uneven skin texture, pigmentation irregularities, scars due to acne or injuries, stretch marks or over-sized pores? Through a repeated applicated of fractionated radio frequency these symptoms can be significantly reduced – very effectively and relatively pain free.
Venus Concept is a pioneering device from the USA in non-invasive procedures using fractionated radio frequency. It assists with the overall optimisation of your complexion, the evening out of the skin texture as well as reducing other symptoms of skin damage without impacting to other unaffected areas. The applicator “shoots“ many, microscopically small puncture wounds using radio frequency onto the skin. This activates the skin’s natural wound healing process and leads to a regeneration and smoothing of the treatment area. This device platform has been used to great success for many years in the USA and is very popular. This procedure with fractionated radio frequency delivers comparable results to a fractionated CO2 Laser. However, in contrast with this device, the Venus Concept has fewer side effects and is less painful, hence necessitating less downtime. The device has been regulated by the American medical authorities for the market in the USA and so has had to pass stringent health and safety criteria. A good result can be seen shortly after the second treatment.

Key facts


Fractionated radio frequency


30-60 min


80€ – 420€ (depending on the area)


from 2 days (depending on skin’s ability to regenerate)


3-5 (Scale from 1-10)


Earliest one week following treatment
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When is a fractionated radio frequency treatment recommended?
We recommend this treatment for scars, small wrinkles and folds in the skin, slackening in the top surface of the skin, melasma and stretch marks. Bid farewell to rosacea.
Can one do this treatment in the summer?
Since this treatment makes the skin light sensitive it should not be conducted in the summer.
How often can the treatment be done?
The treatment can be done once a month. Ideally, this treatment should be carried out 3-4 times in a period of 4-6 months in order to achieve an optimum result.