Skin firming with multi polar radio frequency

Skin tightening and contouring in the face, neck and cleavage with a multi polar radio frequency, completely pain free and without any downtime – the new gold standard for tightening the deeper layers of connective tissue.
What can be done so that the skin on the lower part of my face, my double chin or neck does not hang? Is there an exercise program for this? Our multi polar radio frequency is exactly the right solution if you want to firm up slackened areas of skin.
The multi-polar radio frequency penetrates and warms the deepest levels of the skin’s surface. Through this warming the skin firms up in the areas which are being treated and there is a reduction of fine wrinkles in the skin’s surface as well as with deeper wrinkles. This procedure is completely pain free and since it is not invasive it can be done regularly as a routine therapy to reduce wrinkles – or until the desired effect has been reached. We use this method frequently for clients who want to firm up slack skin around the cheeks and neck and for those who want to have a fresher, more youthful appearance.

A good result can be seen after 2 treatments.

Key facts


Radio frequency / Multipolar radio frequency


30-60 min


120€ – 160€ (depending on the area)




1 (Scale 1-10)


Several weeks after regular treatment
Book an appointment for a skin analysis and a discussion about your skincare program followed by a treatment.
When is a multi polar radio frequency treatment recommended?
We recommend this treatment for slack skin, droopy cheeks or neck or the reduction of a double chin or for a pain-free overall tightening of the skin in selected areas. This treatment creates a natural look and is ideal when one does not want to have an invasive procedure.
Can one do this treatment also in the Summer?
Yes, the treatment can also be carried out in the Summer months.
How often can one do the treatment?
The treatment can be done every 2-3 weeks. To achieve the best result, the treatment should ideally be carried out 4-6 times in within a 4-6 month time period.