Clear and evenly pigmented complexion without downtime.
Do you have acne and maybe even acne scars? An imbalanced complexion? Over-sized pores? For all these indications we recommend a freshening deep cleanse with micro derma abrasion. The result is a smooth, fresh skin with very clean pores and a balanced complexion. Additionally, the cleansed skin is the highly absorbant of any skincare products used at home. As a result of the removal of flaked skin, the active agents can work more efficiently at a deeper level.
This treatment comprises several steps; With the finest diamonds we blast the dead layers of hardened skin off. The impurities and blackheads, as well as flaky skin are sucked off with a strong vacuum. The therapeutic effect of vitamins which are pumped in and the healing powers of light therapy sooth and strengthen the skin.

Key facts


Diamond microdermabrasion


30 mins


€ 80




0-3 (Scale 1-10)


Immediately after treatment
Book an appointment for a consultation and skin analysis, a discussion of skincare program followed by a treatment.
When is microdermabrasion intense recommended?
We recommend this treatment by dull, tired skin and when pores are blocked and there is an imbalanced complexion.
Can one do this treatment also in the Summer?
This treatment can also be done in the Summer but of course always accompanied with a sunscreen of 50 SPF.
How often can this treatment be done?
These treatments can be done once a month.