Medical Needling

Skin rejuvenation, improvement of wrinkles and scars – as well as the reduction of pore size which can be an age-related concern
Medical Needling has a number of benefits as a treatment: it soothes fine wrinkles, activates the generation of collagen for the tightening of skin, improves the appearance of acne scars and larger pores. The more intensive option is appropriate for more prominent wrinkles and heavy scarring. The more rigorous the treatment, the greatest outcome will be visible in the end.

After a deep cleanse, the treatment comprises 3 steps; Diamond Micro dermabrasion: First of all, we remove the hardened, dead cells by blasting the skin’s surface with microscopic diamond crystals. Through the use of a high intensity vacuum, impurities and dead skin cells are sucked out.

Medical Needling: This method been hailed for years as the nonplus ultra of the anti-aging methods when treating cosmetic skin problems. Micro needling is used to make microscopically small puncture wounds which activate the generation of collagen and elastin in the body. Additionally, we introduce high value active agents such as pure Hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells or vitamins. This method works on the principle that even with the smallest puncture wounds the skin immediately regenerates itself and so rejuvenates the skin.

The vitamin mask is a calming mask which soothes the skin from redness and irritation after the medical needling. It also enriches the skin additional moisture.

Key facts


Micro dermabrasion / Medical Needling


60 – 75 min (depending on the treatment)


200€ – 250€ (depending on the treatment)


minimal redness on the day of treatment, light peeling after day 2


3-5 (Scale from 1-10)


Immediately – to one week after treatment
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When is Medical Needling recommended?
We recommend this treatment when there are visible wrinkles. This treatment is especially relevant for those patients who do not wish to use Botox or fillers.
Can this treatment be done in the Summer?
This treatment makes the skin light sensitive and so cannot be done in the Summer months.
How regularly can this treatment be done?
This treatment can be carried out once a month.