Lipodissolve injections

Sculpt the contours of your chin without major surgery or downtime. Remove unsightly fatty deposits with lipodissolve injections!
A nice family photo or wedding portrait where everyone is smiling happily is hanging on the wall. I would also think that this photo is perfect were it not for my double-chin which is visible from afar! There are certain problem areas where fat deposits build up, despite best efforts to eliminate them with changes to diet, lifestyle or other interventions. Liposuction is a highly effective solution, but it is considered by many patients are too invasive and major surgery.
With a very fine needle – which is virtually painless – a fat ‚dissolving‘ solution is injected into the area to be treated. It contains Lecithin which is responsible for fat reduction in the body. The injected solution is injected into the body over several sittings and the fat cells are reduced and broken down over time by the body. Simultaneously, it prevents the creation of new fat cells and it has the added benefit of tightening the skin tissue and so creates a long-term effect.

Key facts


Lipodissolve injection


From 15 min


From € 200 per treatment zone


Swelling, 2-3 days


1-5 (Scale from 1-10)


After about 8 weeks nach
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Is the lipodissolve injection intended both for women and men?
Yes, the treatment is intended both for women as well as men.
Can one also do this procedure in the summer?
In theory, one could also do this treatment in the summer. However, as the areas which are being treated will swell, we would advise doing this procedure at a cooler time of year, when one can disguise the treated area with a scarf and longer clothes. One should also avoid direct sunlight after the treatment.
Is this treatment painful?
With this treatment a very fine needle is used which can hardly be felt once injected into the fat. The injected solution deliberately causes an inflammatory reaction which causes the swelling in the area which has been treated. On the day of the treatment there is a mild burning sensation on the area under treatment.