Jet Peel

Radiant skin through the intensive cleaning of the upper layers of the skin, effective deep cleaning followed by a vitamin boost.
Your skin needs a freshness boost, a deep cleaning of pores as well as an effective supply of oxygen and antioxidants to guard against signs of age? And all that without downtime and pain? If that is the case, then this treatment is just right for you! Your skin will become fresh, rosy, radiant, deeply moisturized and cleansed. This treatment is a special combination of mechanical micro dermabrasion and Jet peel.

Jet peel: This treatment uses a medical grade gas and water solution which is sprayed onto the skin via microscopic jets at 720 Km/h onto the surface of the skin. This removes dead and old skin cells and at the same time penetrates and enriches the deeper skin surface with oxygen for rapid regeneration.

This is a special deep cleansing for the pores which enables vitamins and antioxidants to be directly absorbed into the skin.

To finish we apply a vitamin mask which soothes and relaxes the skin. It relaxes and moistures deeply – in order to prevent any downtime caused by the treatment.

Key facts


jet peel / vitamin mask


30 min


€ 180




0-1 (Scale from 1-10)


Immediate – to one week after the treatment
Book an appointment for a skin analysis and a discussion of skincare requirements followed by a treatment to finish.
For which indication is a jet peel recommended?
If you want to recapture a wonderful glow and radiant freshness then the Jet Peel treatment is especially suitable for you. It is also suitable as an afternoon treatment before an important evening event. We recommend this treatment for dull complexion and large pores.
Can one do this treatment also in the Summer?
This treatment can be carried out at any time of year.
How often can this treatment be carried out?
This treatment can be carried out weekly – to once a month.