Jet peel Needling

A turbo-charger for your skin! With the help of this intensive treatment – a cocktail of vitamins and oxygen, the deeper levels of the skin’s surface are penetrated and cleansed, where is most needed.

When your skin does not regenerate by itself and ages quicker than normal, it indicates deficiencies and potential damage. This treatment method is able to support the fibroblasts, (connective tissue cells) and it activates the rebuilding of collagen.

After a deep cleansing the treatment comprises the following 4 stages:

Diamond microdermabrasion: First the skin’s surfaced is smoothed using the finest diamond microdermabrasion to remove the layer of dead and hardened skin cells. Through doing so, impurities such as blackheads and dead cells are removed with a high intensity vacuum.

Jet peel: This treatment uses a mixture of medical grade gas and water. The solution is sprayed onto the skin via microscopic jets at 720 Km/h onto the surface of the skin. This removes dead and old skin cells and at the same time penetrates and enriches the deeper skin surface with oxygen for rapid regeneration.

This is a special deep cleansing for the pores, as vitamins, fruit acid and antioxidants can be directly absorbed into the skin, penetrating the skin’s surface up to a depth of 4mm.

Medical Needling: This method been hailed for years as the nonplus ultra of the anti-aging methods when treating cosmetic skin problems. Micro needling is used to make microscopically small puncture wounds which activate the generation of collagen and elastin in the body. Additionally, we introduce high value active agents such as pure Hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells or vitamins. This method works on the principle that even with the smallest puncture wounds the skin immediately regenerates itself and so rejuvenates the skin.

The vitamin mask is a calming mask which soothes the skin from redness and irritation after the medical needling. It also enriches the skin additional moisture.



hydro abrasion or micro derma abrasion


75 min


€ 280


None (Though there might be some light peeling)


1-4 (Scale from 1-10)


Within one week of the treatment
Book a consultation for a skin analysis and discussion of treatment options, followed by the treatment.
When is jet peel needling recommended?
We recommend this intensive treatment to reduce fine wrinkles and as an anti-aging treatment when the skin is dry and tired.
Can one also do this treatment in the Summer?
One can do this treatment at any time of year, as long as one uses the appropriate sunscreen.
How often can one do this treatment?
If necessary, the treatment can be carried out once a month.