Hair removal with Diodenlaser

Silky smooth skin with permament hair removal using the state-of-the art Diodenlaser
Smooth legs, a hairless bikini area and underarms have now become an accepted grooming norm in our society. To avoid regular shaving or continoual epilation, we recommend permament hair removal with the Dioden laser. Many patients suffer from inflamation of hair folicles, especially on the chin, or ingrown hairs on their legs or bikini area. The Diodenlaser method has been tried and tested for many years and delivers lasting effects – even for difficult skin or hair types. One feels better groomed overall and one can save significant time and money on daily grooming and hair removal.


With the laser hair removal, the hairs are targeted with a laser beam and are eradicated at their root. Irrespective of the growth phase of your hair, your individual hair or skin type or the area undergoing treatment, the average number of treatments needed is between 4-10. The laser hair removal should ideally be spaced at 4-8 weekly intervals – depending on the region being treated. As needed, an anesthetic cream can be applied beforehand. As a result of this cream and also the integrated cooling system which is part of the laser device, pain is significantly lessened during the treatment.


Side effects

Immediately after the treatment you will be presentable for social engagements, though it is possible that you may experience reddening of your skin in areas which have been treated. However, within hours any such effects will be no longer be visible.



The price is depends on the area to be treated and is calculated per session. Upon request, we can offer packages at an attractive price. I will discuss with you the best treatment plan and in the consultation will create a detailed quotation for you.

Key facts




From 15 minutes


From € 60, depending on treatment area




1-6 (Scale from 1-10)


After 7 days, after the 2nd treatment
Book an appointment for your personal consultation and we will discuss the best treatment plan for you, including a detailed price estimate.
Is this treatment painful?
Pain tolerance varies from individual to individual and is dependant on a number of factors, such as, colour and thickness of hair to be removed, age, the sensitivity of the area to be treated, overall health etc. The pain is experienced differently by each patient – some patients report that it feels like a small pin prick sensation, while others report that it feels like being pricked by small hot needles.
Why does hair removal achieve better results with you than at a cosmetic studio?
Many cosmetic studios use cheap IPL machines from China. They use a fraction of the energy in comparison with the modern, medical grade Dioden lasers which we use.
Why is laser hair removal considerably more expensive in comparison with IPL hair removal?
A modern Dioden lasers cost between 60,000 – 80,000 Euro. A simple IPL machine can be used without any medical certification and can be purchased from the Far East for about 6,000 Euros. We have had many patients who have had unsuccessful attempts with IPL machines and then have decided to come to us for lasting results, since the laser could achieve a more successful result. Moreover, our Dioden lasers have a higher degree of patient safety in comparison with a IPL machine – since the energy can be targeted precisely onto a hair foicle. An IPL machine has more of a scatter gun approach in terms of energy dispersal which often leads to complications such as burnings and pigmentation problems in the surrounding areas.