Wrinkle treatment with CO2 Laser

The deep skin renewal and tightening effect is achieved through a CO2 Laser

Do you want to use the latest and most effective technology to renew your skin? Are you able to tolerate pain and have at least 1-week time so that you can recover after the intervention? Then a skin renewal treatment using a CO2 laser could be an interesting option for you.


The CO2 Fractional laser treatment is the most cutting edge and effective way of renewing and toning skin as it activates the skin’s regeneration process. It is a minimally invasive procedure whereby microscopic areas of skin are removed at a pre-determined depth. With a specially developed Scanner, microscopic punctures are made on the skin’s surface which are imperceptible to the naked eye. This process renews and rejuvenates the skin and as a consequence looks more toned, taught, smoother and finer. Troublesome age and pigmentation spots soon disappear. Repeated treatments will result in continued skin renewal and rejuvenation.



Das betreffende Hautareal wird vor Beginn des Verfahrens gründlich gereinigt. Die Behandlung ist bei den meisten Personen mit leichten, tolerierbaren Schmerzen verbunden, die durch vorheriges Auftragen einer schmerzlindernden Creme oder Kühlung der Haut gemildert werden. Die Behandlungsdauer beträgt etwa zwanzig Minuten, je nach Größe des Hautareals.


After treatment

After about 7-10 days the area which has been treated should be fully healed. Up to 2 days afterwards, there will be reddening of the skin and after about 3-5 days, the skin will flake off in the areas which have been lasered and can appear as if it is tanned. It is permissible to use cover-up make up during this interim period. After the treatment, the skin should be protected from intense sunlight for 2-3 months. Therefore, the patient should wear sunscreen with protection factor 50+. The skin rejuvenation and collagen building processes take place over several months and therefore a visible difference following the session is generally seen 2-3 months after the treatment.

Key facts


CO2 Laser


circa 30 min


From € 150


5-7 Days


3-8 (Scale from 1-10)


7 days after the 2nd treatment
Book a consultation at the surgery for an in-depth explanation about the procedure, followed by the treatment itself.
When would you recommend a CO2 Laser treatment?
We recommend this treatment when you want to improve your complexion. Since this is an invasive treatment which removes the upper layers of the skin, the outcome is that the activates the skin rejuvenation and renewal processes.
When does ones appearance returning to normal following the treatment?
Since this is a very intensive treatment which removes the upper layers of the skin and brings forth the deeper levels of the skins’s surface, it will take a minimum of one week before your appearance will start to return to its usual state.
Are there pain-free alternatives to this treatment?
At our beauty institute we offer an innovative alternative that has a similar skin rejuvenation effect using fractionated radio frequency. This procedure also uses fractionated energy but subsitutes the laser frequency with radio frequency. This also produces excellent results and is less painful. The results are achieved after a number of procedures.