Beauty / Anti Aging

True beauty comes from within

At a certain age it is often not enough just to apply active ingredients for skin and hair on the outside. With support from the inside, you can also tighten the complexion and achieve firmness of your hair.

Through trace elements, amino acids, minerals and plant substances, we can achieve a strengthening of collagen fibers. In addition, the blood circulation in the skin is stimulated and the complexion appears more radiant. Hair roots are also better nourished and hair loss is prevented.



infusion through venous access


approx. 60 min, recommended 3 infusions every 2 weeks


150 euros per infusion, 400 euros for 3 infusions




1 (scale of 1-10)


better blood circulation & strengthening of the hair roots

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Can I do infusion therapy at any time of the year?


I am on medication. Do I have to stop doing this before the infusions?

Usually, our infusions do not interact with medication, but a medical consultation is held before a planned infusion therapy.

I am already taking vitamins in the form of tablets. Can there be an overdose?

Overdosing cannot take place because too large a quantity is automatically excreted, but the absorption route via the bloodstream is much more effective.