Antiox Facial

Slow down your skin’s natural ageing process and optimise your skin’s structure.
The outcome of this treatment is smooth, fresh skin with cleansed pores and an evenly pigmented complexion. Additionally, the skins absorptive abilities are improved when applying skincare products at home. Through the removal of skin cells, the products are more efficiently absorbed into the deeper levels of the skin’s surface, resulting in greater efficacy. As a result, this treatment gives your skin an instant ‚freshness‘ boost.

First of all, the skin is cleansed and any make-up is removed. Afterwards, the pores are opened with a steam machine. The treatment draws on different techniques: mechanical cleaning and medical peeling. According to your skin type, our specialist consultants will decide on the most appropriate therapy for you – be it diamond micro abrasion or hydro abrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment method which uses a suction technique using fine particles of diamonds to remove dead cells and impurities from the skin’s surface. By using a strong vacuum, impurities as well as dead cells are removed.

Hydro abrasion is a new ultrasound technology which is a gentle and effective treatment. Water is distributed over the skin via elastic waves which cause a micro explosion over the skin’s surface. This gently removes the dead skin cells. Hydro abrasion is particularly good for patients which a sensitive skin and tend to suffer from Rosacea.

According to our assessment of your skin, the peel may incorporate either medical grade acid, such as, Glycolic acid, Jessner or TCA. With the help of the ultrasound device, antioxidants and vitamins are transported onto the skin.

Key facts


Microdermabrasion / Hydroabrasion / Ultrasound / Medical


60 min


€ 160




1-3 (Scale from 1-10)


directly after the treatment
Book an appointment for consultation for a skin analysis, discussion of your skincare requirements, followed by your treatment.
When is an Antiox facial recommended?
The treatment is recommended for anyone who wants to have a beautiful complexion. It is an excellent preventative measure against early signs of aging.
Can the treatment be done in the Summer?
The treatment can also be carried out in the Summer, but of course the appropriate sunscreen must be applied – SPF50.
How regularly can I do this treatment?
The treatment can be done once a month.