Akne Cleansing

Fight acne from inside out. Get refined, clean pores and free from bacteria and inflammation!
The shirt is nicely ironed, the hairstyle fits, but your complexion does not match the rest of the well-groomed appearance. Acne inflammation on the face can be seen from afar.

Acne can also be very stressful psychologically. Acne patients have often invested a lot of time and money in various treatments, but the success has often been rather modest. With the appropriate cosmetic treatment in combination with the matching medical therapy, we have helped many patients to get this topic under control again.

With this treatment, the skin is first cleaned and thus prepared for the next steps. Then, the pores are opened using a steam device in combination with an enzyme peeling. With the help of a magnifying glass, the skin is then thoroughly cleaned, then refined with a fruit acid peeling which supports the regeneration. A subsequent application of highly effective serums ensure an optimal supply of nutrients, while an individually mixed mask allows the skin to calm down again.

This treatment is also frequently used as a complementary therapy to Ciscutan and is especially suitable for teenagers and students.



steaming / cleaning / medical peelings


60 min


€ 100




1-3 (scale from 1-10)


immediately, but should be repeated at least 4 times
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When is acne cleansing recommended?
We recommend this treatment as an supplementary therapy to Ciscutan or if you have a general tendency towards acne problems.
Can the treatment also be carried out in summer?
This treatment can also be conducted in the summer as long as the appropriate sun screen is used afterwards.
At what interval should this treatment be carried out?
This treatment should be conducted once a month to ensure a lasting result. Also possible as a cure 4 to 6 times with a one-week break in between.