The Classics

Impurities in the skin frequently due to a number of underlaying reasons. For example, they can occur as a result of hormonal changes but equally by the wrong skincare or a poor diet.


In these treatments, we focus on making your skin glow again through mechanical or chemical treatments

Micro derma abrasion

The classic cosmetic treatment – with a special device impurities are blast away and afterwards active agents are reintroduced into the skin

Glycol Peel

This treatment will result in a more beautiful skin thanks to the natural process of skin renewal which is activated through a mild fruit acid peel

Dermatalogical consultation – During the appointment with Dr Bergmann-Caucig all possible causes which can lead to acne are discussed with the patient. For example, a blood test may be necessary to exclude any possible hormonal causes.

Jet Peel

Though the use of a special device which cleans the pores at 720Km/h removes the dead and old skin cells and at the same time integrates and enriches the skin’s surface with oxygen and anti-oxidants

Antiox Facial

This treatment results in a smooth, fresh skin with deeply cleansed pores. It gives your skin an immediate freshness boost

Glow Facial

There are many reasons for sallow, dull-looking skin. Frequently, it is a consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. We assist you to regain your sparkle with a fresh complexion with smooth and even skin. Through a combination of Hydro abrasion and medical needling, your skin will be radiant in no time!