The Classics

Impurities in the skin frequently due to a number of underlaying reasons. For example, they can occur as a result of hormonal changes but equally by the wrong skincare or a poor diet.


In these treatments, we focus on making your skin glow again through mechanical or chemical treatments

Micro derma abrasion

The classic cosmetic treatment – with a special device impurities are blast away and afterwards active agents are reintroduced into the skin

Antiox Facial

This treatment results in a smooth, fresh skin with deeply cleansed pores. It gives your skin an immediate freshness boost

Glow facial

There are many reasons for sallow, dull-looking skin. Frequently, it is a consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. We assist you to regain your sparkle with a fresh complexion with smooth and even skin. Through a combination of Hydro abrasion and medical needling, your skin will be radiant in no time!

Diamondpolar lifting

Let your cells work for you while you relax. With multipolar radio frequency we reach the deepest layers of the connective tissue, where the collagen synthesis is stimulated and the tissue is tightened and strengthened.