Update (12. March 2021)

Dear patients!

We are very happy to welcome Natasa, a great new beautician, to the team. The easiest way to book cosmetic appointments is via the “Jetzt Buchen” button on the “Medical Cosmetics” subpage or, of course, by telephone.

Before the cosmetic treatments, we continue to offer an antigen test free of charge and issue you with a medical certificate for this.

Sincerely yours,

The Cottage Team

The rules of the Austrian medical association for visits to a doctor’s surgery continue to apply:


Please carry a FFP2 mask


Please use the disinfector next to the entrance once entering the surgery


Please keep a distance of 2 meters from any other patient in the waiting area


As a special service we continue to offer telemedical appointments. As these appointments will be shorter, we will charge a reduced rate which will also include prescriptions and/or consignations

  • Appointments can be booked as usual via phone or email
  • Before the appointment please send me a few, good pictures via email
  • I will then call you at the agreed time
  • After the appointments we will send you a prescription and/or consignation as well as a fee note in the amount of 60 Euro