Infusion therapies

Intravenous vitamin cocktails – a trend that came to Europe from the USA a few years ago, but has actually been used in medicine for many years.

A saline solution enriched with vitamins, minerals and trace elements is injected directly into the vein and does not only support fitness and health, but also classic anti-aging treatments.

We currently offer three infusion packages that have been thematically adapted to our aesthetic and cosmetic treatments.

Immune system

Classic vitamin cocktail that is supposed to cover the reduced intake or an increased need for vitamins and trace elements. This therapy is particularly popular in the cool season to prevent infections, but of course it also helps with general signs of tiredness, physical weakness and loss of vitality.

Diet accompaniment

A specially formulated vitamin cocktail that optimizes and accelerates fat burning and specifically counteracts the loss of muscle mass.

Beauty / Anti Aging

A specially formulated vitamin cocktail that stimulates blood circulation and improves the complexion. As a side effect, it strengthens the hair roots and thus prevents hair loss.